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Building Fund Update!!

Balance as at Sabbath 11June 2011:
R 89 000
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18 June 2011
This Sabbath is Health and Temperance Day.
28 May 2011
Please continue to support the building fund.
Camp meeting is coming soon! Get ready
11 June 2011
Congratulations to all our Pathfinders and Adventurers who were invested this Sabbath. We are proud of you!!
11 June 2011
Our church services are welll structured to ensure that everyone benefits from the worship experience. We have specially prepared lessons for children of all ages as well as Bible studdies for adults and the youth. Our regular services are as follows:

9:15- 9:30: Song service
9:30- 10am: Sabbath School
10am- 10:45: Sabbath School Lesson
10:45: 11am: Song Service
11am: 12pm: Divine Service
12pm: 2pm: Group Prayers and Lunch
2pm- Sunset: Afternoon Programme

The Pinetown Central Church is one of the youngest and fastest growing churches in the vast KwaZulu- Natal Freestate Conference of South Africa. Our church was formally organised in November 2007 and grown remarkably since then.
If you are ever in the beautiful city of Durban, always remember that you have brothers and sisters waiting to embrace and fellowship with you.
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Welcome, Sawubona!